As discussed numerous times before, SourceForge stability is suffering, prompting discussions to move the project GitHub.

This has not meet any protests, so now I have taken the liberty to make the move.

The following have been done:

* GH: Pushed all code to GitHub, including some old probably dead or already merged branches (this has actually been there quite a while) * GH: Uploaded (played a bit with GH API) all old releases + readme files from SF:
* SF: Removed all non-master branches
* SF: Removed all push permissions
* SF: Changed "Checkout URL" to point to GitHub

* SF: Renamed all ticket groups to "xxxx (dead)"
* SF: Removed all permissions
* SF: Added note at top of ticket pages pointing to Github issues instead

* SF: Added note on top of page & mainpage summary.
* SF: Pointed "Support" page to GH.

Unfortunately I didn't find a good way to re-point the Files section.
There is also the issue of, I don't know who has control over that, and it's still pointing to SourceForge.

Hopefully this is only positive for the future of OWFS :)


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