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Coravu)  wrote:
> Hi,
> Indeed we've had problems reported in the past with certain PNGs
> causing out of memory errors when read with the default Java
> libraries:
> https://www.oxygenxml.com/forum/post20919.html
> Ideally you could identify that particular image which causes the
> problem and use a free image editing utility like GIMP to open and
> save it again.  Maybe this will fix any problems it may have.

Depending on what the source of the image is, one thing to be wary of
is ever increasing amounts of metadata being included with them.  Some
programs are notorious for adding text for every single edit ever made
(insert pointed look at the entire Adobe suite here).  Sometimes that
metadata can do strange things.

It might be worth grabbing EXIFTool and stripping the entire lot out.

This command will display all the metadata:

exiftool -all filename.png

And this command will clear as much as can be stripped from it as

exiftool -all= filename.png


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