The oXygen WebHelp feature produces very good web presentations based on source 
documents in DITA or DocBook format. I have some documentation that was created 
in BITS format (which is based on JATS) which I would like transform into HTML 
using oXygen's WebHelp transformation. Also, since I am working with the JATS 
format quite often I would like to be able to write my documentation in JATS 
format and use oXygen's WebHelp rendering to produce an HTML version.

So my question is, what would need to be done in order to produce WebHelp 
output from JATS or BITS? Can the WebHelp transformation be extended to use a 
different XML format as input, or would it be easier to transform JATS to DITA 
or DocBook and then run the WebHelp transformation? Or, is this so non-trivial 
that it should be a feature request for oXygen?


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