You can’t open this project in Visual Studio 2012 RC because it doesn't support that project type. We recommend that you use InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio (ISLE), a free deployment solution that directly supports most Windows platforms and application runtimes. ISLE also supports importing data and settings from Visual Studio Installer projects. For more information, see Windows Installer Deployment.

On 5/10/2012 9:33 AM, Donald wrote:

it seems to be the case, see blog below from Visual Studio ALM

Visual Studio 2012 Compatibility

Some people have suggested as an alternative to keep VS2010 around to build .vdproj setup files, but I think this is only s short term solution.

On 5 October 2012 09:12, Greg Keogh <> wrote:

I have been sanity checking that VS2010 projects will open and build in VS2012. I have stumbled across that fact that ‘vdproj’ setup projects are no longer supported. I heard nothing about this and it’s quite a shock. I have dozens of setup projects that with custom actions to install web sites, services and desktop apps.


Web searches so far hint that I can convert the vdproj files into InstallShield Limited Edition projects (I’ve never used them), or I’m supposed to use WiX (huge learning curve?). THIS link says:


Future versions of Visual Studio will not include the Visual Studio Installer project templates. To preserve existing customer investments in Visual Studio Installer projects, Microsoft will continue to support the Visual Studio Installer projects that shipped with Visual Studio 2010 per the product life-cycle strategy. For more information, see Expanded Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for Business & Development Products.


However, the link leads to a generic Support page with nothing about setup projects.


What am I supposed to do with all my vdproj files? This is a small disaster for migration to VS2012.




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