I have noticed in a few places discussions comparing the UI and API of WinRT
with Silverlight, and suggesting that it (WinRT) is preferable. Mostly,
these were quite old posts (a series of 6 or more at SharpGIS was my first
sense of this).  

It does raise the possibility that Windows / Microsoft will rebirth or
rethink some technologies. 

Related (in my eyes, anyway), apparently there is a wider discussion about
Windows 9 (based on leaks and conjecture) suggesting that there is to be a
complete rethink of Windows market segments in Windows 9 "Threshold". 

It's summarised here
heave-ho-in-the-next-wave-of-updates-232389>  in InfoWorld (December 2013)
in an article by some bloke named Woody Leonhard. 

He sets the tone in his first sentence:

"If independent leaks are to be believed, Windows chief Terry Myerson
appears to be dismantling the Jekyll-and-Hyde monstrosity that is Windows 8,
instead replacing it with a triumvirate of products
windows-release-trains-consumers-business-232299>  that people and companies
will actually want."

I'll be interested in Scott's comments on the triumverate of products,
including the quote that refers to Terry Myerson's supposed intentions. 


Ian Thomas
Victoria Park, Western Australia

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