Folks, on Friday Xamarin Studio told there were updates available, this
happens every month or so, so I said "sure" and let it go.

This morning I find compile errors relating to casts, arrays and
IEnumerable that make no sense, like the compiler has become stupidly
aggressive. Then I discover I can't open a XAML page because the Android
SDK is outdated, and after tedious web searches reveal what to do it looks
like the SDK Manager is downloading gigwatts of updates. Then the iOS 9
iPad has vanished from the device picker and I only see iOS 10 Retina and
Air devices listed. Worst of all, the app no longer runs in the iOS
simulator and simply flashes and closes with no error, leaving me no way to
diagnose what's wrong.

So basically, this update has fried me to hell and I'm going to lose at
least a full days work. Anyone else using Xamarin Studio beware.

Things like this shouldn't happen in this day and age.


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