Agreed. This wasn't the highest quality release, lots of regressions on
basic functionality [1]. Disappointing.


On 19 September 2016 at 12:58, Greg Keogh <> wrote:

> Folks, on Friday Xamarin Studio told there were updates available, this
> happens every month or so, so I said "sure" and let it go.
> This morning I find compile errors relating to casts, arrays and
> IEnumerable that make no sense, like the compiler has become stupidly
> aggressive. Then I discover I can't open a XAML page because the Android
> SDK is outdated, and after tedious web searches reveal what to do it looks
> like the SDK Manager is downloading gigwatts of updates. Then the iOS 9
> iPad has vanished from the device picker and I only see iOS 10 Retina and
> Air devices listed. Worst of all, the app no longer runs in the iOS
> simulator and simply flashes and closes with no error, leaving me no way to
> diagnose what's wrong.
> So basically, this update has fried me to hell and I'm going to lose at
> least a full days work. Anyone else using Xamarin Studio beware.
> Things like this shouldn't happen in this day and age.
> *Greg*

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