VS Community Edition not enough now? I see many individuals using it.



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On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 5:11 PM +1000, "Chris F" 
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Thinking outside the box.

Can you put in a complaint under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).


Basically they are failing to honour your original agreement.

So ask for a refund/replacement under ACL.



On 15 August 2016 at 15:43, David Burstin 
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You are correct. I can log in to my MSDN account even though my subscription 
has expired. But every page says "Your subscription has expired" and I can't 
access the product keys that I previously used nor download anything.
Seems like you are in a bind for as long as your dispute with Microsoft remains 
unresolved. I wish I could help you more.


On 15 August 2016 at 15:08, Glen Harvy 
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I can login to my MSDN account even though the subscription has expired. 
Notwithstanding, it clearly states that a "Product Key" is not required nor is 
one available!

On 15/08/2016 1:10 PM, David Burstin wrote:
>> From memory, if you login to the MSDN subscriber site, you can still get 
>> access to your old keys

My experience has been that once my subscription expired, I could no longer log 
in to the MSDN site to get my previous product keys.

On 15 August 2016 at 13:34, Ken Schaefer 
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VS2013 had a static product key �C it just varied depending on the edition you 
wanted to install.

From memory, if you login to the MSDN subscriber site, you can still get access 
to your old keys (though I could be wrong about that)

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Subject: Expired MSDN Subscription - Transfer of VS to a new machine


I'm currently in a dispute with Microsoft in that I have been unable to 
"activate" my licence as they claim I have "exceeded" my activations.
All I want to do is move my VS2013 installation from my old PC to a new PC.

My MSDN subscription expired some time ago however I'm supposed to have a 
perpetual licence. At least that's how I understood it.

They are also adamant that I need a Product Key. Product Keys have never been 
needed/available for VS2013 and above when acquired via a MSDN subscription.

Has any one else ever run into this brick wall?


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