Folks, after upgrading to Visual Studio 2017 last weekend many weird things
went haywire, of which most are fixed by one bumbling means or another. The
weirdest thing by far was the Consolas normal font disappearing, which
caused all my DOS prompts and the VS edit and output windows to show
italic. I had to copy the missing font over from a Win10 VM. Another trap
was the default "lightweight" solution load, which came out of nowhere and
I didn't even notice it for hours. It caused VS2017 to randomly crash or
stall during solution load and close. Once I turned it globally off the
problems vanished.

My last remaining problem is running any ASP.NET or WebApi project from
inside VS2017 tells me the start page is not found. It doesn't matter if
it's in debug or release, local or express IIS, elevated or not, or what
the start page file type is, I just get this popup (example):

[image: Inline images 1]

The project then seems to keep running, but with no start page UI.

The same page and url runs normally in all other ways, just not in VS2017.
It's not permissions. I'm out of ideas. Anyone seen this?

*Greg K*

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