Folks, is anyone here reasonably experienced with the Cosmos DB Graph API
or Gremlin queries in general? I ask because I'm considering using the
Graph API in a real product, but I can't figure out if a Vertex property
can be an array. This small issue can sway my decision. Some Gremlin
samples I found seem to create arrays, but they don't work in the portal's
data explorer. There are compatibility issues, or I don't understand the

As an aside, when you have data that is most naturally represented as a
connected graph, the experience is blissful (I think I'm *over the*
RDB!) It's irritating that the APIs don't support round-tripping
strongly-typed objects. I was hoping that the Vertex and Edge classes would
be abstract and you could derive from them to make easily serializable
classes. I had to write a tiny quasi-ORM that uses reflection to convert
objects to-and-from Gremlin query strings.

*Greg K*

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