Well, after nine months on maternity leave, my finances (and my husband!) have told me it is time to do some casual shifts at work. This morning is my first one. I am just doing a 6 hour shift, and my husband will bring my 8 month old, Will, to work for me at 10am for a feed. :) (these are the benefits of working in a 'baby friendly' hospital...)

I am a little nervous! Being a hospital based Midwife, having had a wonderful babymoon after an awesome homebirth - I wonder if I will be any different as a Midwife?? We'll see.

There is a great discussion on 'Extended Breastfeeding' on the UK Midwifery list - anyone keeping an eye on that? I find it amazing that so many people are against breastfeeding in public, not to mention extended BF.

Anyway, time to don the 'still too small' uniform...


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