Hi Michelle,
I cant offer any help re risks to baby -I have Graves disease athough being an autoimmune disorder it went away during my last pregnancy ( 14 years ago). Darn thing came back almost a year ago.
Hyper thyroid is hell!!! Palpitations/elevated BP/  anxiety/ exhaustion/ extreme hunger with weight loss(you might think this sounds like fun but sadly its a bitch to be up 2 hourly to feed -yourself!). I had never had anxiety/ panic before and wonder how many women who are diagnosed with pnd actually have a thyroid problem - anxiety/ palpitations go when the levels balance.   
Proper diagnosis and treatment is important for the mother's health -mine escalated very quickly and required a radioactive scan to diagnose properly. Obviously this cant be done on a pregnant woman so it probably depends on her TSH levels what would be the best choice re induction/ treatment. Is she seeing an endocrinologist? I have found that not all doctors really know their stuff re thyroid.
Recently, despite pleading that my symptoms had returned  was given everything from 24 hr heart monitoring ( yep speeding!).to being advised to take a range of meds from calcium channel blockers to anti deporessants - none of which were necessary once I finally did a blood test and altered my carbimazole (thyroid suppressant) -although this has taken a couple of months of see-sawing. According to Hale thyroid meds are ok during breastfeeding - just monitor baby's levels. However, rest is vital/ hot weather plays havoc and so does stress/ overdoing things.
Thyroid Australia have a website with links to other thyroid info. They seem to need membership to access complete articles but I do know that Raelene, director at Knox Private recently attended a conf  run by thyroid Austraia re disorders during pregnancy so they should have some info or a name to refer to. 
Thyroid Australia Home
Provides personal support, counselling, information and training. Aims to raise
awareness and interest in thyroid conditions.
I am interested what alternative treatment she is taking.
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Just wondering if anyone can help.  I have a friend with hyperthyroidism (diagnosed during the pregnancy).  She is using alternative treatments as well as taking some medication, but her levels are still elevated.  The problem is that the doctors now want to induce her (she is 39+ weeks now).  She is keen to avoid induction.  Does anyone know what the risks are to the baby (as in percentages)?  The stuff I've read just says there is an increase of still birth but is not specific.  Thanks in advance.

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