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Banned Doctor claims "payback" 04.02.2006 By SHAN GOODWIN [EMAIL PROTECTED] A SET of old-style scales, a desk with no computer and a jar of jelly beans. This was Dr Peter Stewart’s surgery.
Each patient’s information was neatly placed in a pocket on his door on a
pink or blue card, depending on their sex. As they came in, his secretary asked what their family members were up to. It was the type of practice where everyone felt at home. One of the last of its kind.
Dr Stewart practised in Lismore for 43 years and, if you speak with some of
the more than 1000 patients he had on his books when he retired, he was
‘nature’s gentleman’.
He was known as ‘Doctor Delivery’, having brought hundreds of Northern Rivers
children into the world.
He was also known as the ‘Farmer Doctor’, being the owner of the last piece
of undeveloped farmland between Lennox Head and Ballina — prime multi-million
dollar real estate on which he runs a few hundred head of cattle.
And now, in the twilight of his career, he has been labelled the ‘Steroid
The 76-year-old shut his Conway Street practice on January 24 after being
found guilty of professional misconduct by the NSW Medical Tribunal.
Given the option of working only when there was another medical practitioner
on site, he chose instead to retire.
Brought before the tribunal last November, he was prosecuted by the Health
Care Complaints Commission which had received complaints over the number of
prescriptions he had written for anabolic and androgenic steroids.
The steroids were largely prescribed to patients who worked in the security
industry. Dr Stewart maintained he acted in the best interests of his
"I’m human," he said. "And why would a human want to see another taking
veterinary supplies? This way, I could monitor and supervise their use."
In his experience, steroid use under these circumstances had not caused
anyone damage. It is this opinion which has proven most controversial.
But controversy is not something new to Dr Stewart and it seems he didn’t
mind upsetting the apple cart amongst the medical profession.
Outspoken on problems with North Coast Area Health and the anaesthetists’
debate, and one of the last doctors to support the circumcision of baby boys,
Dr Stewart more than once drew criticism from his colleagues.
But the respect he commands from patients is phenomenal. They are standing by
him, claiming his prosecution was a witch-hunt and writing to the NSW Premier
to express their disgust. In the end, that’s all that matters, says Dr
Stewart. What do you think? Phone the Star Feedback line on 6624 3266 or email

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