Dear Barb, what a truly shocking experience. I am so sorry. I completely
agree with you though. Some women in Accessing Artemis have had great
results with EFT - emotional freedom technique - which I haven't tried yet.
I also found Boronia flower essence had an amazing and instant effect on the
reruns in my head. Stopped them immediately I took the drops!
Best wishes to you,
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> There is no 'cure' for PTSD!! You just learn to manage the triggers but
> even then the physiological responses sometimes get away from you. Some
> people wonder why you are so serious- so would you if you had this
> constant mind battle to control triggers.
> Barb- chronic PTSD sufferer, 8 years after an assault and prolonged
> torture by an unsupervised prisoner in an Intensive Care Unit.
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> Talking therapies may be the only "cure", that certainly sounds right to
> me. However I can't imagine having been raped, assaulted OR traumatised
> by my birth experience and then wanting to do that talking in the place
> or with the people where it happened. Perhaps in the last stages of
> healing, as a final letting go/closure thing, but certainly not in the
> very first days of the shock. I did not have a remotely traumatic birth
> experience but have had other traumas in my life and have had a lot of
> talking to do about them, I can't think of one occasion I wanted to go
> back to the person/place that was the source of the trauma.
> At 11:19 AM +1100 4/2/06, Janet Fraser wrote:
> >I remember it but I disagree with it entirely. It struck me as no more
> >logical and useful than the obstetric refusal to offer OFP because a
> >study showing a crude, almost silly form of it didn't have the desired
> >effect. (10mins a day on hands and knees rather than the lifestyle
> >operation that is true OFP) Talking therapies are pretty much the only
> >"cure" for PTSD and that's been well demonstrated over and over. The
> >one study showing otherwise holds no weight. J
> >
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> >I believe there is some research out there that looked at de-briefing
> >women after birth, particularly traumatic births.  As I remember it,
> the research did not show that this debriefing had particularly helpful
> outcomes.  Of course it is all in the Who, the When and the How.  Does
> anyone remember it?  Mary Murphy
> >
> >
> >Andrea wrote:
> >Any suggestions. Should all women have a follow up appointment with the
> >midwife who was at her birth, is this appropriate as they may have been
> part of the problem, should all women have a follow up appointment but
> the woman be allowed to choose who she wants the appointment with, at
> what stage would this be appropriate, 2 weeks, 8 weeks 3 months? How
> does this fit with the M&CH nurses who are now involved in the woman's
> on going care? How does her doctor, be it her own GP, obst or the one
> who attended (or not) her birth  be involved in this?
> >
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