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Hi Jo
Hope your day goes well,youre an absolutely brilliant midwife and have led -by-example with Will and your family choices.We all know how we feel going back to work after our holidays let alone THE most important work-break,but you will suprize yourself that sometimes policies & paperwork may change ,but your contribution to some families day is an invaluable as ever.
Take Care , Ange

Aww thanks Ange :) You're a sweety! My first day back was fine - apart from the splitting headache I had all day from being a bit tense and not getting much sleep. It was a gentle ease back into it. Just have to get used to all the new doctors, but there doesn't seem to be much new paperwork. I have to say, though, that two of the four women I looked after had had a c/s!

Hope to catch up with you soon.


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