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-<div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">This is a guide on how to build the 
ozone sources.  If you are <font
-planning to build sources yourself, you can safely skip this page.</div>
+<div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">本文档是关于从源码构建 Ozone 的指南,如果你<font
-If you are a Hadoop ninja, and wise in the ways of Apache, you already know
-that a real Apache release is a source release.
+如果你十分了解 Hadoop,并且熟悉 Apache 之道,那你应当知道 Apache 发行包的精髓在于源代码。
-If you want to build from sources, Please untar the source tarball and run
-the ozone build command. This instruction assumes that you have all the
-dependencies to build Hadoop on your build machine. If you need instructions
-on how to build Hadoop, please look at the Apache Hadoop Website.
+从源码构建 ozone 只需要解压源码压缩包然后运行构建命令即可,下面这条命令假设你的机器上拥有构建 Hadoop 所需的所有依赖,如果你需要构建 
Hadoop 的指引,请查看 Apache Hadoop 网站。
 mvn clean package -DskipTests=true
-This will build an ozone-\<version\>.tar.gz in your `hadoop-ozone/dist/target` 
+命令执行完成后,`hadoop-ozone/dist/target` 目录下会生成一个 ozone-\<version\>.tar.gz 文件。
-You can copy this tarball and use this instead of binary artifacts that are
-provided along with the official release.
-## How to test the build
+## 构建结果测试
-You can run the acceptance tests in the hadoop-ozone directory to make sure
-that  your build is functional. To launch the acceptance tests, please follow
- the instructions in the **README.md** in the `smoketest` directory.
+为了确保从源码构建出的二进制包可用,你可以在 hadoop-zone 目录下进行验收测试,测试方法请参照 `smoketest` 目录下的 
**READMD.md** 说明。
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   你可以在 hadoop-zone 目录下进行验收测试=》你可以运行hadoop-ozone目录下的验收测试集

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