What would be your answer ? ( reply on this list or in private to me )

*A ) Interested in ( getting to know more about ) its potentials*
*B ) Not interested*


*1 ) Never heard of Linked Data <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data>*
*2 ) Know about it*
*3 ) Actively researching Linked Data
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data> applications ( in support of p2p
4 commons ? )*

( or whatever other replies you wish to give )


Context of my question :

Michel noted that in his view Linked Data has not been a topic with much
interest on the p2pf related forums.

I wish to understand if this is simply because not many of us know about
Linked Data, and its potentials ?

Or is it simply because it seemed too complex or technical to bring it up
on this specific list ?

I know some of us are working on Linked Data applications,
including in support of Sharing Economy applications.

I personally have been interested in some of its applications for a few
years, without being a programmer.  I collaborated with a programmer over
the last years, to explore some of the approaches that can be taken to
create certain applications.


The first aim I have with this email is to have some kind of quick ,
hopefully sufficiently representative set of replies.  It does not have to
be on the public list - you can also reply to me in private if you like.

>From there on, I wish to open up another thread to further explain what
Linked Data can be used for with those of us who may have explored the
topic and may see potential in supporting such research as to manifest them
into certain applications, in support of , for example, p2p commons
oriented political economies.

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