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Subject: [NetworkedLabour] Facebook, The Police, ADL, Tenure & The Frame-up
Of Canadian Professor Anthony Hall
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Facebook, The Police, ADL,  Tenure &  The Frame-up Of Canadian Professor
Anthony Hall
Canadian Professor Anthony Hall who is a tenured professor at the
University of Lethridge was suspended without a hearing and without pay
after a frame-up took place on his Facebook page. Hall who is a critic of
Israel had an anti-semitic graphic put on his Facebook page and taken off
by Facebook owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg had previously met
personally with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and signed a agreement to
use Facebook to censure and target critics of Israel.
This interview was done on October 13, 2016.
Additional media:
"Imagine A Day Without Censorship" Speakout  At Facebook Zuckerberg's SF
Mansion On John Lennon's Birthday
B’nai Brith ADL attack in collusion with Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook on
Canadian professor has roots in Zionist false flag tactics
Production of Labor Video Project
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