China’s Economic Transformation in the New Media Era: From Economic Miracle towards Financial Bubbles and Crisis?
Fri 3 February 2017
18:00 – 19:30 GMT
Univ of Westminster, London

This event hosted by Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies (WIAS) explores China’s economic development model since 2008. Public discussions about China’s economy tend to be fascinated by the high growth of China’s gross domestic product and to celebrate such figures as economic miracle.

In this context, often China’s Internet economy is presented as being the largest online market of users in the world and experiencing similar growth. In summer 2015, China saw a drop of its stock-market values. Commodity prices for oil, gold, food, iron, metal and coal fell on the world market. The Chinese economy’s growth rate slowed down. Will China see the bursting of financial bubbles and economic crisis? What are the underlying forces of China’s economic development? And what are the implications for the Chinese Internet economy?

The event will explore these questions in the form of two talks by experts on the Chinese economy – Dr Dic Lo and Dr Bingqing Xia. Dr Dic Lo (SOAS University of London) will speak about the financialisation of the Chinese econoy and the role of productive investment. Dr Bingqing Xia (research fellow at WIAS) will focus on the financialisation of capital accumulation process in the Chinese Internet industry. WIAS director Christian Fuchs will chair the event and discussion.

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