dear all,

this is NOT getting the attention it deserves, I'm hoping the p2p
foundation blog can start diffusing important news on this vital topic,

this should be a central concern to all of us:


as Leina Mestrovic has observed, this is not getting the traction it
deserves, these EU plans are nothing less than a thermonuclear option
potentially obliterating free sofware,

thanks to @juliet reda for being on the trenches on this:

"The battle on the EU copyright reform proposal continues, centring on the
plan to introduce upload filters. In short, online platforms would be
required to monitor their users’ uploads and try to prevent copyright
infringement through automated filtering. As most communication online
consists of uploads onto different platforms, such “censorship machines”
have broad consequences, including for free and open source software (FOSS)

On these platforms, developers from across the world collaborate on
software projects that anyone can freely use and adapt. Automated filters
would be guaranteed to throw up many false positives. Automatic deletion
means uploaders are presumed guilty until proven innocent: Legitimate
contributions would be blocked.

The recent outcry about this in the FOSS community is showing some results:
Our concerns are getting lawmakers’ attention. Unfortunately, though, most
are misunderstanding the issue and drawing the wrong conclusions. Now that
we know how powerful the community’s voice is, it is all the more important
to keep speaking up!"

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