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What is the crm shell command to move drbd master to a different node?
# crm resource help migrate

Migrate a resource to a different node. If node is left out, the
resource is migrated by creating a constraint which prevents it from
running on the current node. Additionally, you may specify a
lifetime for the constraint---once it expires, the location
constraint will no longer be active.

       migrate <rsc> [<node>] [<lifetime>]

crm resource migrate ms_drbd_storage

WARNING: Creating rsc_location constraint 'cli-standby-ms_drbd_storage' with a score of -INFINITY for resource ms_drbd_storage on cluster1. This will prevent ms_drbd_storage from running on cluster1 until the constraint is removed using the 'crm_resource -U' command or manually with cibadmin This will be the case even if cluster1 is the last node in the cluster
       This message can be disabled with -Q

This also made me to remind that I was wondering, is there a way to
demote one instance of multi-master ms resource away from particular
node (forcibly switch it to a slave state on that node). I didn't find
the answer too. Is it possible with crm shell?

Same as above, just specify the node in the command.


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