I'm running a Debian cluster with corosync without LVM. 
One of my resources run out of space and I had to replace the disk by a
bigger one. 
Resource r3 on one whole disk.
What I did:
Put node2 in standby - crm node standby
Shutdown the server
Replaced the disk
After reboot stopped corosync - /etc/init.d/corosync stop
Created a new partition - cfdisk /dev/sdb
Informed system about new partition - partprobe /dev/sdb
Started DRBD - /etc/init.d/drbd start
Created new metadata - drbdadm create-md r3
Restarted corosync - /etc/init.d/corosync start
Put node2 online - crm none online
Syncing started on Node 2.
After syncing repeated the same procedure on node1 

No problem so far and no service interruption. I can switch between the
nodes normally.
The problem is that the new disk size is not recognized by drbd.
drbd-overview and df are still showing the old disk configuration.
I tried drbdadm resize r3 and drbdadm -- --assume-clean resize r3 without

Can anyone help me to fix this problem?

Best regards 





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