Fedora Update Notification
2018-02-14 17:08:28.618588

Name        : xrootd
Product     : Fedora 26
Version     : 4.8.1
Release     : 1.fc26
URL         : http://xrootd.org/
Summary     : Extended ROOT file server
Description :
The Extended root file server consists of a file server called xrootd
and a cluster management server called cmsd.

The xrootd server was developed for the root analysis framework to
serve root files. However, the server is agnostic to file types and
provides POSIX-like access to any type of file.

The cmsd server is the next generation version of the olbd server,
originally developed to cluster and load balance Objectivity/DB AMS
database servers. It provides enhanced capability along with lower
latency and increased throughput.

Update Information:

## Version 4.8.1  **Major bug fixes**    * **[XrdCl]** Try all IP addresses in
case posix connect fails.   * **[XrdCl]** Fix checksuming in xrdcp for local
files.   * **[Py]** Make sure FileSystem::Copy returns a tuple, fixes #633.   *
**[Py]** Make sure empty strings are not converted to None.   * **[SSI]** Unbind
the request prior to teardown.   * **[SSI]** Avoid SEGV when generating a
request for a new TCP                connection.   * **[SSI]** Fix race
condition that can cause a SEGV during parallel                execution.   *
**[SSI]** Allow zero length requests to be passed to servers.
Fixes #640   * **[SSI]** Make sure to avoid object refs after Finished() is
called               to avoid SEGV.  **Minor bug fixes**    * **[XrdPosix]** Fix
various memory related issues.   * **[XrdCrypto]** Fix various small issues.   *
**[Server]** Fix overlapping string copy. Fixes #643   * **[XrdCl]** Provide
compatibility between root://localfile and file://.

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade xrootd' at the command line.
For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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