Fedora Update Notification
2018-03-06 17:17:51.855870

Name        : php-symfony4
Product     : Fedora 27
Version     : 4.0.4
Release     : 5.fc27
URL         : http://symfony.com
Summary     : Symfony PHP framework (version 4)
Description :
Symfony PHP framework (version 4).

NOTE: Does not require PHPUnit bridge.

Update Information:

**Packaging change**  *    fix dependency autoloader  ----  **Version 4.0.4**
(2018-01-29)   * bug #25922 [HttpFoundation] Use the correct syntax for session
gc based on Pdo driver (tanasecosminromeo)  * bug #25933 Disable CSP header on
exception pages only in debug (ostrolucky)  * bug #25926 [Form] Fixed
Button::setParent() when already submitted (HeahDude)  * bug #25927 [Form] Fixed
submitting disabled buttons (HeahDude)  * bug #25397 [Console] Provide a DX
where an array could be passed (Simperfit)  * bug #25858 [DI] Fix initialization
of legacy containers by delaying include_once (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25891
[DependencyInjection] allow null values for root nodes in YAML configs (xabbuh)
* bug #24864 Have weak_vendors ignore deprecations from outside (greg0ire)  *
bug #25873 [Console] Fix using finally where the catch can also fail (nicolas-
grekas)  * bug #25848 [Validator] add missing parent isset and add test
(Simperfit)  * bug #25869 [Process] Skip environment variables with false value
in Process (francoispluchino)  * bug #25864 [Yaml] don't split lines on carriage
returns when dumping (xabbuh)  * bug #25863 [Yaml] trim spaces from unquoted
scalar values (xabbuh)  * bug #25861 do not conflict with egulias/email-
validator 2.0+ (xabbuh)  * bug #25851 [Validator] Conflict with egulias/email-
validator 2.0 (emodric)  * bug #25837 [SecurityBundle] Don't register in memory
users as services (chalasr)  * bug #25835 [HttpKernel] DebugHandlersListener
should always replace the existing exception handler (nicolas-grekas)  * bug
#25829 [Debug] Always decorate existing exception handlers to deal with fatal
errors (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25823 [Security] Notify that symfony/expression-
language is not installed if ExpressionLanguage is used (giovannialbero1992)  *
bug #25824 Fixing a bug where the dump() function depended on bundle ordering
(weaverryan)  * bug #25763 [OptionsResolver] Fix options resolver with array
allowed types (mcg-web)  * bug #25789  Enableable ArrayNodeDefinition is
disabled for empty configuration (kejwmen)  * bug #25822 [Cache] Fix handling of
apcu_fetch() edgy behavior (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25816 Problem in phar see
mergerequest #25579 (betzholz)  * bug #25781 [Form] Disallow transform dates
beyond the year 9999 (curry684)  * bug #25287 [Serializer] DateTimeNormalizer
handling of null and empty values (returning it instead of new object)
(Simperfit)  * bug #25249 [Form] Avoid button label translation when it's set to
false (TeLiXj)  * bug #25127 [TwigBridge] Pass the form-check-inline in parent
(Simperfit)  * bug #25812 Copied NO language files to the new NB locale
(derrabus)  * bug #25753 [Console] Fix restoring exception handler (nicolas-
grekas, fancyweb)  * bug #25801 [Router] Skip anonymous classes when loading
annotated routes (pierredup)  * bug #25508 [FrameworkBundle] Auto-enable CSRF if
the component *+ session* are loaded (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25657 [Security]
Fix fatal error on non string username (chalasr)  * bug #25791 [Routing] Make
sure we only build routes once (sroze)  * bug #25799 Fixed Request::__toString
ignoring cookies (Toflar)  * bug #25755 [Debug] prevent infinite loop with
faulty exception handlers (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25771 [Validator] 19 digits
VISA card numbers are valid (xabbuh)  * bug #25751 [FrameworkBundle] Add the
missing `enabled` session attribute (sroze)  * bug #25750 [HttpKernel] Turn bad
hosts into 400 instead of 500 (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25699 [HttpKernel] Fix
session handling: decouple "save" from setting response "private" (nicolas-
grekas)  * bug #25490 [Serializer] Fixed throwing exception with option
JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR (diversantvlz)  * bug #25737 [TwigBridge] swap
filter/function and package names (xabbuh)  * bug #25731 [HttpFoundation] Always
call proxied handler::destroy() in StrictSessionHandler (nicolas-grekas)  * bug
#25733 [HttpKernel] Fix compile error when a legacy container is fresh again
(nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25709 Tweaked some styles in the profiler tables
(javiereguiluz)  * bug #25719 [HttpKernel] Uses cookies to track the requests
redirection (sroze)  * bug #25696 [FrameworkBundle] Fix using
"annotations.cached_reader" in after-removing passes (nicolas-grekas)  * feature
#25669 [Security] Fail gracefully if the security token cannot be unserialized
from the session (thewilkybarkid)  * bug #25700 Run simple-phpunit with --no-
suggest option (ro0NL)  ----  **Version 4.0.3** (2018-01-05)   * bug #25685 Use
triggering file to determine weak vendors if when the test is run in a separate
process (alexpott)  * bug #25671 Remove randomness from dumped containers
(nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25532 [HttpKernel] Disable CSP header on exception
pages (ostrolucky)  * bug #25678 [WebProfilerBundle] set the var in the right
scope (Jochen Mandl)  * bug #25491 [Routing] Use the default host even if
context is empty (sroze)  * bug #25672 [WebServerBundle] use interface_exists
instead of class_exists (kbond)  * bug #25662 Dumper shouldn't use html format
for phpdbg / cli-server (jhoff)  * bug #25529 [Validator] Fix access to root
object when using composite constraint (ostrolucky)  * bug #25404 [Form] Remove
group options without data on debug:form command (yceruto)  * bug #25430 Fixes
for Oracle in PdoSessionHandler (elislenio)  * bug #25117 [FrameworkBundle] Make
cache:clear "atomic" and consistent with cache:warmup (hkdobrev)  * bug #25583
[HttpKernel] Call Response->setPrivate() instead of sending raw header() when
session is started (Toflar)  * bug #25601 [TwigBundle/Brige] catch missing
requirements to throw meaningful exceptions (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25547
[DX][DependencyInjection] Suggest to write an implementation if the interface
cannot be autowired (sroze)  * bug #25599 Add application/ld+json format
associated to json (vincentchalamon)  * bug #25623 [HttpFoundation] Fix false-
positive ConflictingHeadersException (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25624
[WebServerBundle] Fix escaping of php binary with arguments (nicolas-grekas)  *
bug #25604 Add check for SecurityBundle in createAccessDeniedException (FGM)  *
bug #25591 [HttpKernel] fix cleaning legacy containers (nicolas-grekas)  * bug
#25526 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix panel break when stopwatch component is not
installed. (umulmrum, javiereguiluz)  * bug #25606 Updating message to inform
the user how to install the component (weaverryan)  * bug #25571
[SecurityBundle] allow auto_wire for SessionAuthenticationStrategy class
(xavren)  * bug #25567 [Process] Fix setting empty env vars (nicolas-grekas)  *
bug #25407 [Console] Commands with an alias should not be recognized as
ambiguous (Simperfit)  * bug #25523 [WebServerBundle] fix a bug where require
would not require the good file because of env (Simperfit)  * bug #25559
[Process] Dont use getenv(), it returns arrays and can introduce subtle breaks
accros PHP versions (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25552 [WebProfilerBundle] Let
fetch() cast URL to string (ro0NL)  * bug #25521 [Console] fix a bug when you
are passing a default value and passing -n would output the index (Simperfit)
----  **Version 4.0.2** (2017-12-15)   * bug #25489 [FrameworkBundle] remove
esi/ssi renderers if inactive (dmaicher)  * bug #25502 Fixing wrong class_exists
on interface (weaverryan)  * bug #25427 Preserve percent-encoding in URLs when
performing redirects in the UrlMatcher (mpdude)  * bug #25480 [FrameworkBundle]
add missing validation options to XSD file (xabbuh)  * bug #25487 [Console] Fix
a bug when passing a letter that could be an alias (Simperfit)  * bug #25425
When available use AnnotationRegistry::registerUniqueLoader (jrjohnson)  * bug
#25474 [DI] Optimize Container::get() for perf (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #24594
[Translation] Fix InvalidArgumentException when using untranslated plural forms
from .po files (BjornTwachtmann)  * bug #25233 [TwigBridge][Form] Fix hidden
currency element with Bootstrap 3 theme (julienfalque)  * bug #25413
[HttpKernel] detect deprecations thrown by container initialization during tests
(nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25408 [Debug] Fix catching fatal errors in case of
nested error handlers (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25330 [HttpFoundation] Support 0
bit netmask in IPv6 (`::/0`) (stephank)  * bug #25378 [VarDumper] Fixed file
links leave blank pages when ide is configured (antalaron)  * bug #25410
[HttpKernel] Fix logging of post-terminate errors/exceptions (nicolas-grekas)  *
bug #25409 [Bridge/Doctrine] Drop "memcache" type (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25417
[Process] Dont rely on putenv(), it fails on ZTS PHP (nicolas-grekas)  * bug
#25333 [DI] Impossible to set an environment variable and then an array as
container parameter (Phantas0s)  * bug #25447 [Process] remove false-positive BC
breaking exception on Windows (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25381 [DI] Add context to
service-not-found exceptions thrown by service locators (nicolas-grekas)  * bug
#25438 [Yaml] empty lines don't count for indent detection (xabbuh)  * bug
#25412 Extend Argon2i support check to account for sodium_compat (mbabker)  *
bug #25392 [HttpFoundation] Fixed default user-agent (3.X -> 4.X) (lyrixx)  *
bug #25389 [Yaml] fix some edge cases with indented blocks (xabbuh)  * bug
#25396 [Form] Fix debug:form command definition (yceruto)  * bug #25398
[HttpFoundation] don't prefix cookies with "Set-Cookie:" (pableu)  * bug #25354
[DI] Fix non-string class handling in PhpDumper (nicolas-grekas, sroze)  * bug
#25340 [Serializer] Unset attributes when creating child context (dunglas)  *
bug #25325 [Yaml] do not evaluate PHP constant names (xabbuh)  * bug #25380
[FrameworkBundle][Cache] register system cache clearer only if it's used
(xabbuh)  * bug #25323 [ExpressionLanguage] throw an SyntaxError instead of an
undefined index notice (Simperfit)  * bug #25363 [HttpKernel] Disable inlining
on PHP 5 (nicolas-grekas)  * bug #25364 [DependencyInjection] Prevent a loop in
aliases within the `findDefinition` method (sroze)  * bug #25337 Remove
Exclusive Lock That Breaks NFS Caching (brianfreytag)

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