Fedora Update Notification
2018-04-10 22:54:19.052619

Name        : php-aws-sdk3
Product     : Fedora 28
Version     : 3.53.0
Release     : 1.fc28
URL         : http://aws.amazon.com/sdkforphp
Summary     : Amazon Web Services framework for PHP
Description :
The AWS SDK for PHP makes it easy for developers to access Amazon Web
Services [1] in their PHP code, and build robust applications and software
using services like Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, etc.

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Aws3/autoload.php

[1] http://aws.amazon.com/

Update Information:

## 3.53.0 - 2018-03-30  * `Aws\ACM` - Documentation updates for acm *
`Aws\CodeBuild` - Adding FIPS endpoint for CodeBuild service * `Aws\Connect` -
Amazon Connect is a contact center as a service (CCaS) solution that offers
easy, self-service configuration and enables dynamic, personal, and natural
customer engagement at any scale. With this release of the Amazon Connect SDK,
Outbound APIs (StartOutboundVoiceContact, StopContact) are now generally
available. This release supports CTR generation for calls generated through the
new APIs. Additionally IAM permissions are supported for the new APIs.   ##
3.52.36 - 2018-03-29  * `Aws\AlexaForBusiness` - Adds operations for creating
and managing address books of phone contacts for use in A4B managed shared
devices. * `Aws\CloudFormation` - Enabling resource level permission control for
StackSets APIs. Adding support for customers to use customized
AdministrationRole to create security boundaries between different users. *
`Aws\Greengrass` - Greengrass APIs now support creating Machine Learning
resource types and configuring binary data as the input payload for Greengrass
Lambda functions. * `Aws\SSM` - This Patch Manager release supports creating
patch baselines for CentOS.  ## 3.52.35 - 2018-03-28  * `Aws\GuardDuty` - Amazon
GuardDuty API operations are now supported in the EU (Paris) region. * `Aws\IAM`
- Add support for Longer Role Sessions. Four APIs manage max session duration:
GetRole, ListRoles, CreateRole, and the new API UpdateRole. The max session
duration integer attribute is measured in seconds. * `Aws\MTurk` - Added a new
attribute "ActionsGuarded" to QualificationRequirement: This update allows MTurk
Requester customers using the AWS SDK to control which Workers can see and
preview their HITs. We now support hiding HITs from unqualified Workers' search
results. * `Aws\STS` - Change utilizes the Max Session Duration attribute
introduced for IAM Roles and allows STS customers to request session duration up
to the Max Session Duration of 12 hours from AssumeRole based APIs. *
`Aws\WorkSpaces` - Amazon Workspaces is now available in ap-northeast-2  ##
3.52.34 - 2018-03-27  * `Aws\ACM` - AWS Certificate Manager has added support
for customers to disable Certificate Transparency logging on a per-certificate
basis.  ## 3.52.33 - 2018-03-26  * `Aws\DynamoDB` - Point-in-time recovery
(PITR) provides continuous backups of your DynamoDB table data. With PITR, you
do not have to worry about creating, maintaining, or scheduling backups. You
enable PITR on your table and your backup is available for restore at any point
in time from the moment you enable it, up to a maximum of the 35 preceding days.
PITR provides continuous backups until you explicitly disable it. For more
information, see the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.  ## 3.52.32 - 2018-03-23
* `Aws\RDS` - Documentation updates for RDS  ## 3.52.31 - 2018-03-22  *
`Aws\AppStream` - Feedback URL allows admins to provide a feedback link or a
survey link for collecting user feedback while streaming sessions. When a
feedback link is provided, streaming users will see a "Send Feedback" choice in
their streaming session toolbar. On selecting this choice, user will be
redirected to the link provided in a new browser tab. If a feedback link is not
provided, users will not see the "Send Feedback" option.  * `Aws\CodeBuild` -
Adding support for branch filtering when using webhooks with AWS CodeBuild.  *
`Aws\ECS` - Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now includes integrated
Service Discovery using Route 53 Auto Naming. Customers can now specify a Route
53 Auto Naming service as part of an ECS service. ECS will register task IPs
with Route 53, making them available via DNS in your VPC.  ## 3.52.30 -
2018-03-21  * `Aws\MediaPackage` - Elemental MediaPackage is now available in
the ICN and GRU regions. * `Aws\ServerlessApplicationRepository` - Documentation
updates for Serverless Application Respository  ## 3.52.29 - 2018-03-20  *
`Aws\CloudWatchEvents` - Added SQS FIFO queue target support *
`Aws\ConfigService` - AWS Config adds support for BatchGetResourceConfig API,
allowing you to batch-retrieve the current state of one or more of your
resources. * `Aws\CostExplorer` - This launch will allow customers to access
their Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) purchase recommendations
programmatically via the AWS Cost Explorer API.  * `Aws\ECS` - Amazon ECS users
can now mount a temporary volume in memory in containers and specify the shared
memory that a container can use through the use of docker's 'tmpfs' and 'shm-
size' features respectively. These fields can be specified under linuxParameters
in ContainerDefinition in the Task Definition Template. * `Aws\ElasticBeanstalk`
- Documentation updates for the new Elastic Beanstalk API
DescribeAccountAttributes. * `Aws\Glue` - API Updates for DevEndpoint: PublicKey
is now optional for CreateDevEndpoint. The new DevEndpoint field PrivateAddress
will be populated for DevEndpoints associated with a VPC. * `Aws\MediaLive` -
AWS Elemental MediaLive has added support for updating Inputs and Input Security
Groups. You can update Input Security Groups at any time and it will update all
channels using that Input Security Group. Inputs can be updated as long as they
are not attached to a currently running channel.  ## 3.52.28 - 2018-03-16  *
`Aws\ElasticBeanstalk` - AWS Elastic Beanstalk is launching a new public API
named DescribeAccountAttributes which allows customers to access account level
attributes. In this release, the API will support quotas for resources such as
applications, application versions, and environments.  ## 3.52.27 - 2018-03-15
* `Aws\Organizations` - This release adds additional reason codes to improve
clarity to exceptions that can occur. * `Aws\Pinpoint` - With this release, you
can delete endpoints from your Amazon Pinpoint projects. Customers can now
specify one of their leased dedicated long or short codes to send text messages.
* `Aws\SageMaker` - This release provides support for ml.p3.xlarge instance
types for notebook instances. Lifecycle configuration is now available to
customize your notebook instances on start; the configuration can be reused
between multiple notebooks. If a notebook instance is attached to a VPC you can
now opt out of internet access that by default is provided by SageMaker.  ##
3.52.26 - 2018-03-14  * `Aws\Lightsail` - Updates to existing Lightsail
documentation  ## 3.52.25 - 2018-03-13  * `Aws\ServiceDiscovery` - This release
adds support for custom health checks, which let you check the health of
resources that aren't accessible over the internet. For example, you can use a
custom health check when the instance is in an Amazon VPC.  ## 3.52.24 -
2018-03-12  * `Aws\ApplicationDiscoveryService` - Documentation updates for
discovery * `Aws\CloudHSMV2` - CreateCluster can now take both 8 and 17
character Subnet IDs. DeleteHsm can now take both 8 and 17 character ENI IDs. *
`Aws\IoT` - We added new fields to the response of the following APIs. (1)
describe-certificate: added new generationId, customerVersion fields (2)
describe-ca-certificate: added new generationId, customerVersion and
lastModifiedDate fields (3) get-policy: added generationId, creationDate and
lastModifiedDate fields * `Aws\Redshift` - DescribeClusterSnapshotsMessage with
ClusterExists flag returns snapshots of existing clusters. Else both existing
and deleted cluster snapshots are returned  ## 3.52.23 - 2018-03-08  * `Aws\ECS`
- Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now supports container health checks.
Customers can now specify a docker container health check command and parameters
in their task definition. ECS will monitor, report and take scheduling action
based on the health status. * `Aws\MigrationHub` - Unused key LABEL removed from
ResourceAttrbute * `Aws\Pinpoint` - With this release, you can export endpoints
from your Amazon Pinpoint projects. You can export a) all of the endpoints
assigned to a project or b) the subset of endpoints assigned to a segment. *
`Aws\RDS` - Documentation updates for RDS  ## 3.52.22 - 2018-03-07  *
`Aws\MediaLive` - Updates API to model required traits and minimum/maximum
constraints. * `Aws\S3/S3SignatureV4` - Fixes an issue that would strip a
preceding slash from a key during the signing process on virtual host style
pathing, resulting in an invalid signature.  ## 3.52.21 - 2018-03-06  *
`Aws\ECS` - Documentation updates for Amazon ECS * `Aws\RetryMiddleware` - Fixes
an undefined index issue. * `Aws\RetryMiddleware` - Retries CURLE_RECV_ERROR on
all RequestException, not just ConnectException.  ## 3.52.20 - 2018-03-01  *
`Aws\CloudWatchEvents` - Added BatchParameters to the PutTargets API * `Aws\EC2`
- Added support for modifying Placement Group association of instances via
ModifyInstancePlacement API. * `Aws\SSM` - This Inventory release supports the
status message details reported by the last sync for the resource data sync API.
* `Aws\ServiceCatalog` - This release of ServiceCatalog adds the DeleteTagOption
API. * `Aws\StorageGateway` - AWS Storage Gateway (File) support for two new
file share attributes are added. 1. Users can specify the S3 Canned ACL to use
for new objects created in the file share. 2. Users can create file shares for
requester-pays buckets.  ## 3.52.19 - 2018-02-28  * `Aws\ApplicationAutoScaling`
- Application Auto Scaling now supports automatic scaling of SageMaker
Production Variants on an Endpoint. * `Aws\CloudFront` - Updates the `Signer` to
force expire timestamps to match CloudFront required unquoted integers.  ##
3.52.18 - 2018-02-27  * `Aws\ECR` - Documentation updates for Amazon ECR.  ##
3.52.17 - 2018-02-26  * `Aws\Route53` - Added support for creating LBR rules
using ap-northeast-3 region. * `Aws\STS` - Increased SAMLAssertion parameter
size from 50000 to 100000 for AWS Security Token Service AssumeRoleWithSAML API
to allow customers to pass bigger SAML assertions  ## 3.52.16 - 2018-02-23  *
`Aws\AppStream` - This API update is to enable customers to copy their Amazon
AppStream 2.0 images within and between AWS Regions  ## 3.52.15 - 2018-02-22  *
`Aws\CostExplorer` - Added GetReservationCoverage API for retrieving reservation
coverage information. * `Aws\ElasticLoadBalancingv2` - Added a new load balancer
attribute related to Network Load Balancers that enables cross zone
capabilities. This feature allows Network Load Balancers to distribute requests
regardless of Availability Zone.  ## 3.52.14 - 2018-02-21  * `Aws\CodeCommit` -
This release adds an API for adding a file directly to an AWS CodeCommit
repository without requiring a Git client. * `Aws\EC2` - Adds support for
tagging an EBS snapshot as part of the API call that creates the EBS snapshot *
`Aws\MediaPackage` - Mediapackage expands their service to FRA and CDG regions.
* `Aws\ServerlessApplicationRepository` - Added support for delete-application
API and the ability for developers to set a homepage for their application. The
homepage is a URL with more information about the application, for example the
location of your GitHub repository for the application.   ## 3.52.13 -
2018-02-20  * `Aws\AutoScaling` - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling support for service-
linked roles * `Aws\WAF` - The new PermissionPolicy APIs in AWS WAF Regional
allow customers to attach resource-based policies to their entities. *
`Aws\WAFRegional` - The new PermissionPolicy APIs in AWS WAF Regional allow
customers to attach resource-based policies to their entities.  ## 3.52.12 -
2018-02-19  * `Aws\ConfigService` - With this release, AWS Config updated the
ConfigurationItemStatus enum values. The values prior to this update did not
represent appropriate values returned by GetResourceConfigHistory. You must
update your code to enumerate the new enum values so this is a breaking change.
To map old properties to new properties, use the following descriptions: New
discovered resource - Old property: Discovered, New property:
ResourceDiscovered. Updated resource - Old property: Ok, New property: OK.
Deleted resource - Old property: Deleted, New property: ResourceDeleted or
ResourceDeletedNotRecorded. Not-recorded resource - Old property: N/A, New
property: ResourceNotRecorded or ResourceDeletedNotRecorded.  ## 3.52.11 -
2018-02-16  * `Aws\RDS` - Updates RDS API to indicate whether a DBEngine
supports read replicas.  ## 3.52.10 - 2018-02-15  * `Aws\CodeStar` - Launch AWS
CodeStar in the Asia Pacific Northeast 2 (ICN) region. * `Aws\GameLift` -
Updates to allow Fleets to run on On-Demand or Spot instances. *
`Aws\MediaConvert` - Nielsen ID3 tags can now be inserted into transport stream
(TS) and HLS outputs. For more information on Nielsen configuration you can go
to https://docs.aws.amazon.com/mediaconvert/latest/apireference/jobs.html#jobs-
nielsenconfiguration  ## 3.52.9 - 2018-02-14  * `Aws\AppSync` - AWS AppSync now
supports for None Data Source, CreateApiKey now supports setting expiration on
API keys, new API UpdateApiKey supports updating expiration on API keys.  *
`Aws\LexModelBuildingService` - Amazon Lex now provides the ability to export
and import your Amazon Lex chatbot definition as a JSON file.  ## 3.52.8 -
2018-02-13  * `Aws\Glacier` - Documentation updates for glacier * `Aws\Route53`
- Added support for creating Private Hosted Zones and metric-based healthchecks
in the ap-northeast-3 region for whitelisted customers.  ## 3.52.7 - 2018-02-12
* `Aws\CognitoIdentityProvider` - Support for user migration using AWS Lambda
trigger. Support to obtain signing certificate for user pools. * `Aws\EC2` -
Network interfaces now supply the following additional status of "associated" to
better distinguish the current status. * `Aws\GuardDuty` - Added PortProbeAction
information to the Action section of the port probe-type finding. * `Aws\KMS` -
This release of AWS Key Management Service includes support for
InvalidArnException in the RetireGrant API. * `Aws\RDS` - Aurora MySQL now
supports MySQL 5.7.  ## 3.52.6 - 2018-02-09  * `Aws\EC2` - Users can now better
understand the longer ID opt-in status of their account using the two new APIs
DescribeAggregateIdFormat and DescribePrincipalIdFormat *
`Aws\LexModelBuildingService` - You can now define a response for your Amazon
Lex chatbot directly from the AWS console. A response consists of messages
dynamically selected from a group of pre-defined messages, populated by the
developer. * `Aws\LexRuntimeService` - You can now define a response for your
Amazon Lex chatbot directly from the AWS console. A response consists of
messages dynamically selected from a group of pre-defined messages, populated by
the developer.  ## 3.52.5 - 2018-02-08  * `Aws\AppStream` - Adds support for
allowing customers to provide a redirect URL for a stack. Users will be
redirected to the link provided by the admin at the end of their streaming
session.  * `Aws\Budgets` - Making budgetLimit and timePeriod optional, and
updating budgets docs.  * `Aws\DatabaseMigrationService` - This release includes
the addition of two new APIs: describe replication instance task logs and reboot
instance. The first allows user to see how much storage each log for a task on a
given instance is occupying. The second gives users the option to reboot the
application software on the instance and force a fail over for MAZ instances to
test robustness of their integration with our service.  * `Aws\DirectoryService`
- Updated the regex of some input parameters to support longer EC2 identifiers.
* `Aws\DynamoDB` - Amazon DynamoDB now supports server-side encryption using a
default service key (alias/aws/dynamodb) from the AWS Key Management Service
(KMS). AWS KMS is a service that combines secure, highly available hardware and
software to provide a key management system scaled for the cloud. AWS KMS is
used via the AWS Management Console or APIs to centrally create encryption keys,
define the policies that control how keys can be used, and audit key usage to
prove they are being used correctly. For more information, see the Amazon
DynamoDB Developer Guide. * `Aws\GameLift` - Amazon GameLift FlexMatch added the
StartMatchBackfill API. This API allows developers to add new players to an
existing game session using the same matchmaking rules and player data that were
used to initially create the session. * `Aws\Inspector` - We marked Inspector GA
yesterday. 2/.5/18. * `Aws\MediaLive` - AWS Elemental MediaLive has added
support for updating channel settings for idle channels. You can now update
channel name, channel outputs and output destinations, encoder settings, user
role ARN, and input specifications. Channel settings can be updated in the
console or with API calls. Please note that running channels need to be stopped
before they can be updated. We've also deprecated the 'Reserved' field. *
`Aws\MediaStore` - AWS Elemental MediaStore now supports per-container CORS
configuration.  ## 3.52.4 - 2018-02-06  * `Aws\Glue` - This new feature will now
allow customers to add a customized json classifier. They can specify a json
path to indicate the object, array or field of the json documents they'd like
crawlers to inspect when they crawl json files.  * `Aws\SSM` - This Patch
Manager release supports configuring Linux repos as part of patch baselines,
controlling updates of non-OS security packages and also creating patch
baselines for SUSE12 * `Aws\ServiceCatalog` - This release of Service Catalog
adds SearchProvisionedProducts API and ProvisionedProductPlan APIs. *
`Aws\ServiceDiscovery` - This release adds support for registering CNAME record
types and creating Route 53 alias records that route traffic to Amazon Elastic
Load Balancers using Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming APIs.  ## 3.52.3 - 2018-02-05
* `Aws\ACM` - Documentation updates for acm * `Aws\Cloud9` - API usage examples
for AWS Cloud9. * `Aws\Kinesis` - Using ListShards a Kinesis Data Streams
customer or client can get information about shards in a data stream (including
meta-data for each shard) without obtaining data stream level information. *
`Aws\OpsWorks` - AWS OpsWorks Stacks supports EBS encryption and HDD volume
types. Also, a new DescribeOperatingSystems API is available, which lists all
operating systems supported by OpsWorks Stacks.  ## 3.52.2 - 2018-01-26  *
`Aws\DeviceFarm` - Add InteractionMode in CreateRemoteAccessSession for
DirectDeviceAccess feature. * `Aws\MTurk` - Documentation updates for mturk-
requester * `Aws\MediaLive` - Add InputSpecification to CreateChannel
(specification of input attributes is used for channel sizing and affects
pricing); add NotFoundException to DeleteInputSecurityGroups.  ## 3.52.1 -
2018-01-25  * `Aws\AlexaForBusiness` - Supports new field for DeviceStatusInfo
which provides details about the DeviceStatus following a DeviceSync operation.
* `Aws\Appstream` - This API update is to support Amazon AppStream 2.0's launch
into the Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) regions. *
`Aws\CloudHsm` - Added service signing name. * `Aws\CodeBuild` - Adding support
for Shallow Clone and GitHub Enterprise in AWS CodeBuild. * `Aws\GuardDuty` -
Added the missing AccessKeyDetails object to the resource shape. * `Aws\Lambda`
- AWS Lambda now supports Revision ID on your function versions and aliases, to
track and apply conditional updates when you are updating your function version
or alias resources. * `Aws\RetryMiddleware` - Verify we have the curl extension
before retrying on the CURLE_RECV_ERROR curl const.  ## 3.52.0 - 2018-01-22  *
`Aws\` - Retry on a set of CURLE_*_ERROR based failures. Currently, only
CURLE_RECV_ERROR (errno 56) is retried. * `Aws\Api\Parser` - Simplify return. *
`Aws\Budgets` - Add additional costTypes: IncludeDiscount, UseAmortized, to
support finer control for different charges included in a cost budget.  ##
3.51.0 - 2018-01-19  * `Aws\Credentials` - Add support for an
AWS_EC2_METADATA_DISABLED environment variable to short-circuit requests for
credentials via the InstanceProfileProvider. * `Aws\Glue` - New AWS Glue
DataCatalog APIs to manage table versions and a new feature to skip archiving of
the old table version when updating table. * `Aws\TranscribeService` - Amazon
Transcribe Public Preview Release  ## 3.50.0 - 2018-01-18  * `Aws\Rds` - Fixes a
bug where DestinationRegion was not being added to automatically generated
PreSignedUrl parameters for RDS operations. * `Aws\S3` - Updates the type of the
S3 Size object to long (from integer) to properly reflect objects over
PHP_INT_MAX in size. This will affect ListObjects, ListObjectsV2,
ListObjectVersions, and ListParts. This bug fix may be a breaking change for
customers who relied on the previously PHP_INT_MAX capped behavior or on the
type of the field. You may see objects at their full size, as a string, if they
are over PHP_INT_MAX in size. * `Aws\SageMaker` - CreateTrainingJob and
CreateEndpointConfig now supports KMS Key for volume encryption.   ## 3.49.1 -
2018-01-17  * `Aws\AutoScalingPlans` - Documentation updates for autoscaling-
plans * `Aws\EC2` - Documentation updates for EC2  ## 3.49.0 - 2018-01-16  *
`Aws\ApplicationAutoScaling` - Application Auto Scaling is adding support for
Target Tracking Scaling for ECS services. * `Aws\AutoScalingPlans` - AWS Auto
Scaling enables you to quickly discover all of the scalable resources underlying
your application and set up application scaling in minutes using built-in
scaling recommendations. * `Aws\RDS` - With this release you can now integrate
RDS DB instances with CloudWatch Logs. We have added parameters to the
operations for creating and modifying DB instances (for example
CreateDBInstance) to allow you to take advantage of this capability through the
CLI and API. Once you enable this feature, a stream of log events will publish
to CloudWatch Logs for each log type you enable. * `Aws\WorkSpaces` - Amazon
Workspaces is now available in sa-east-1  ## 3.48.14 - 2018-01-15  *
`Aws\Lambda` - Support for creating Lambda Functions using 'dotnetcore2.0' and
'go1.x'.   ## 3.48.13 - 2018-01-12  * `Aws\Glue` - Support is added to generate
ETL scripts in Scala which can now be run by AWS Glue ETL jobs. In addition, the
trigger API now supports firing when any conditions are met (in addition to all
conditions). Also, jobs can be triggered based on a "failed" or "stopped" job
run (in addition to a "succeeded" job run).   ## 3.48.12 - 2018-01-11  *
`Aws\Aws` - Fix misspelling class PresignUrlMiddleware. *
`Aws\ElasticLoadBalancing` - Added OperationNotPermittedException to indicate
that you cannot create a classic load balancer while deleting the Elastic Load
Balancing service-linked role. * `Aws\ElasticLoadBalancingv2` - Added
OperationNotPermittedException to indicate that you cannot create a load
balancer while deleting the Elastic Load Balancing service-linked role. *
`Aws\RDS` - Read Replicas for Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL now
support Multi-AZ deployments.Amazon RDS Read Replicas enable you to create one
or more read-only copies of your database instance within the same AWS Region or
in a different AWS Region. Updates made to the source database are
asynchronously copied to the Read Replicas. In addition to providing scalability
for read-heavy workloads, you can choose to promote a Read Replica to become
standalone a DB instance when needed.Amazon RDS Multi-AZ Deployments provide
enhanced availability for database instances within a single AWS Region. With
Multi-AZ, your data is synchronously replicated to a standby in a different
Availability Zone (AZ). In case of an infrastructure failure, Amazon RDS
performs an automatic failover to the standby, minimizing disruption to your
applications.You can now combine Read Replicas with Multi-AZ as part of a
disaster recovery strategy for your production databases. A well-designed and
tested plan is critical for maintaining business continuity after a disaster.
Since Read Replicas can also be created in different regions than the source
database, your Read Replica can be promoted to become the new production
database in case of a regional disruption.You can also combine Read Replicas
with Multi-AZ for your database engine upgrade process. You can create a Read
Replica of your production database instance and upgrade it to a new database
engine version. When the upgrade is complete, you can stop applications, promote
the Read Replica to a standalone database instance and switch over your
applications. Since the database instance is already a Multi-AZ deployment, no
additional steps are needed.For more information, see the Amazon RDS User Guide.
* `Aws\SSM` - Updates documentation for the HierarchyLevelLimitExceededException
error.  ## 3.48.11 - 2018-01-09  * `Aws\KMS` - Documentation updates for AWS KMS
## 3.48.10 - 2018-01-09  * `Aws\DirectoryService` - On October 24 we introduced
AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Standard Edition), also
known as AWS Microsoft AD (Standard Edition), which is a managed Microsoft
Active Directory (AD) that is optimized for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).
With this SDK release, you can now create an AWS Microsoft AD directory using
API. This enables you to run typical SMB workloads using a cost-effective,
highly available, and managed Microsoft AD in the AWS Cloud.  ## 3.48.9 -
2018-01-08  * `Aws\ApplicationDiscoveryService` - Documentation updates for AWS
Application Discovery Service. * `Aws\CodeDeploy` - The AWS CodeDeploy API was
updated to support DeleteGitHubAccountToken, a new method that deletes a GitHub
account connection. * `Aws\Route53` - This release adds an exception to the
CreateTrafficPolicyVersion API operation.  ## 3.48.8 - 2018-01-05  *
`Aws\Inspector` - Added 2 new attributes to the DescribeAssessmentTemplate
response, indicating the total number of assessment runs and last assessment run
ARN (if present.) * `Aws\SSM` - Documentation updates for ssm * `Aws\Snowball` -
Documentation updates for snowball  ## 3.48.7 - 2018-01-02  * `Aws\Docs` - Clean
up extra lines. * `Aws\RDS` - Documentation updates for rds  ## 3.48.6 -
2017-12-29  * `Aws\` - Clean elses when have already returned something. *
`Aws\` - Removed or adjusted unused imports. * `Aws\WorkSpaces` - Modify
WorkSpaces have been updated with flexible storage and switching of hardware
bundles feature. The following configurations have been added to
ModifyWorkSpacesProperties: storage and compute. This update provides the
capability to configure the storage of a WorkSpace. It also adds the capability
of switching hardware bundle of a WorkSpace by specifying an eligible compute
(Value, Standard, Performance, Power).  ## 3.48.5 - 2017-12-22  * `Aws\EC2` -
This release fixes an issue with tags not showing in DescribeAddresses
responses. * `Aws\ECS` - Amazon ECS users can now set a health check
initialization wait period of their ECS services, the services that are
associated with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) will wait for a period of time
before the ELB become healthy. You can now configure this in Create and Update
Service. * `Aws\Inspector` - PreviewAgents API now returns additional fields
within the AgentPreview data type. The API now shows the agent health and
availability status for all instances included in the assessment target. This
allows users to check the health status of Inspector Agents before running an
assessment. In addition, it shows the instance ID, hostname, and IP address of
the targeted instances. * `Aws\SageMaker` - SageMaker Models no longer support
SupplementalContainers. API's that have been affected are CreateModel and
DescribeModel. * `Aws\Test` - Use fluent interface when defining mocks.  ##
3.48.4 - 2017-12-21  * `Aws\CodeBuild` - Adding support allowing AWS CodeBuild
customers to select specific curated image versions. * `Aws\EC2` - Elastic IP
tagging enables you to add key and value metadata to your Elastic IPs so that
you can search, filter, and organize them according to your organization's
needs. * `Aws\KinesisAnalytics` - Kinesis Analytics now supports AWS Lambda
functions as output.  ## 3.48.3 - 2017-12-20  * `Aws\CodeStar` - Launch AWS
CodeStar in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Canada (Central) regions.  *
`Aws\ConfigService` - Update ResourceType enum with values for WAF, WAFRegional,
and CloudFront resources * `Aws\IoT` - This release adds support for code signed
Over-the-air update functionality for Amazon FreeRTOS. Users can now create and
schedule Over-the-air updates to their Amazon FreeRTOS devices using these new
APIs.   ## 3.48.2 - 2017-12-19  * `Aws\` - Add support for retrying exception
code RequestThrottledException. * `Aws\APIGateway` - API Gateway now adds
support for calling API with compressed payloads using one of the supported
content codings, tagging an API stage for cost allocation, and returning API
keys from a custom authorizer for use with a usage plan. * `Aws\MediaStoreData`
- Documentation updates for mediastore * `Aws\Route53` - Route 53 added support
for a new China (Ningxia) region, cn-northwest-1. You can now specify cn-
northwest-1 as the region for latency-based or geoproximity routing. Route 53
also added support for a new EU (Paris) region, eu-west-3. You can now associate
VPCs in eu-west-3 with private hosted zones and create alias records that route
traffic to resources in eu-west-3.  ## 3.48.1 - 2017-12-19  * `Aws\CloudWatch` -
Documentation updates for monitoring * `Aws\ServiceCatalog` - Region launch
expansion of Service Catalog Service for new region EU-WEST-3  ## 3.48.0 -
2017-12-15  * `Aws\AppStream` - This API update is to enable customers to add
tags to their Amazon AppStream 2.0 resources * `Aws\Inspector` - expand the
region support of Inspector to FRA (eu-central-1) * `Aws\S3\Crypto` - Adds the
S3EncryptionMultipartUploader for performing client side encryption before
performing a multipart upload operation.  ## 3.47.1 - 2017-12-14  *
`Aws\APIGateway` - Adds support for Cognito Authorizer scopes at the API method
level. * `Aws\SES` - Added information about the maximum number of transactions
per second for the SendCustomVerificationEmail operation.  ## 3.47.0 -
2017-12-12  * `Aws\CodeDeploy` - Documentation updates for CodeDeploy. *
`Aws\WorkMail` - Today, Amazon WorkMail released an administrative SDK and
enabled AWS CloudTrail integration. With the administrative SDK, you can
natively integrate WorkMail with your existing services. The SDK enables
programmatic user, resource, and group management through API calls. This means
your existing IT tools and workflows can now automate WorkMail management, and
third party applications can streamline WorkMail migrations and account actions.

  [ 1 ] Bug #1525280 - php-aws-sdk3-3.53.0 is available

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade php-aws-sdk3' at the command line.
For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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