Fedora Update Notification
2018-07-11 20:15:57.510069

Name        : dracut
Product     : Fedora 28
Version     : 048
Release     : 1.fc28
URL         : https://dracut.wiki.kernel.org/
Summary     : Initramfs generator using udev
Description :
dracut contains tools to create bootable initramfses for the Linux
kernel. Unlike previous implementations, dracut hard-codes as little
as possible into the initramfs. dracut contains various modules which
are driven by the event-based udev. Having root on MD, DM, LVM2, LUKS
is supported as well as NFS, iSCSI, NBD, FCoE with the dracut-network

Update Information:

dracut:  - fixed finding of btrfs devices - harden dracut against BASH_ENV
environment variable - scan and install "external" kernel modules - fixed
instmods with zero input - rdsosreport: best effort to strip out passwords -
introduce tri-state hostonly mode - support modules.softdep  lsinitrd:  - fixed
zstd file signature  kernel:  - include all pci/host modules - add mmc/core for
arm - Include Intel Volume Management Device support  drm:  - include virtio DRM
drivers in hostonly initramfs  stratis:  - initial Stratis support  crypt:  -
correct s390 arch to include arch-specific crypto modules - add cmdline
rd.luks.partuuid - add timeout option rd.luks.timeout  shutdown:  - sleep a
little, if a process was killed  network:  - introduce ip=either6 option  iscsi:
- replace iscsistart with iscsid  qeth_rules:  - new module to copy qeth rules
multipath-hostonly:  - merged back into multipath  mdraid:  - fixed case if
rd.md.uuid is in ID_FS_UUID format

* Fri Jul  6 2018 Harald Hoyer <har...@redhat.com> - 048-1
- version 048
* Fri Jun 22 2018 Adam Williamson <awill...@redhat.com> - 047-34.git20180604.1
- Test build with proposed fix for #1593028
* Mon Jun  4 2018 Harald Hoyer <har...@redhat.com> - 047-34.git20180604
- git snapshot
* Tue May 15 2018 Harald Hoyer <har...@redhat.com> - 047-32.git20180515
- git snapshot

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2018-357becc8f1' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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