--- Comment #17 from Matt Chan <> ---
Okay, so between all the delays from my end and Qiming's end, I finally have an
updated build. 

Spec URL:


- Qiming changed the version to 1.8.6. I think there was some dependency within
PySCF that necessitated it. The two will be in sync eventually.

- So if I understand it correctly, the BuildRequires line is only used during
initial dependency resolution and builds. If after installing PySCF (which
depends on libcint/qcint), I issue "dnf remove libcint; dnf install qcint", it
won't remove PySCF? 

- PySCF is going to take longer to package. It needs somewhat significant
changes to become compliant with packaging guidelines. I don't have a lot of
downtime left (HORTON's development is picking up) but I'll try to get it done
after libcint/qcint get pushed to updates?

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