--- Comment #9 from gil cattaneo <> ---
T(In reply to Oles Pidgornyy from comment #8)
> Thank you Gil and Filip.
> In my previous spec files I always used the Group tag, I know that is not
> used anymore, but it doesn't hurt having it either (it was never a problem).
> Changelog:
> - removed Group
> - fixed Source0
> - added BuildRequires: gcc
> - added %license LICENSE and %doc README.asciidoc
> - added systemd service according to
This is useless "Source1:   
%{url}/raw/%{version}/contrib/systemd/%{name}.service". this file
"contrib/systemd/sxhkd.service" is already present in the source archive
> The spec and srpm files from my first comment have been updated.

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