--- Comment #2 from Scott K Logan <> ---
The man page which is installed was provided by upstream as a "section 1" man
page, so I installed it there. You're right - it really belongs in sections 3
or 7. I'll consider passing that along to upstream for consideration.

I was able to un-bundle most of the fonts.The RobotoSlab fonts are actually
provided by google-roboto-slab-fonts, but unfortunately, I can't find any
packages which specifically provide Inconsolata-Bold.ttf or
Inconsolata-Regular.ttf (levien-inconsolata-fonts did not provide these).

It would be great if there was a better way to handle bundled fonts in
generated documentation. The package which actually provided the fonts,
python-sphinx_rtd_theme, is actually bundling them as well. A simple "dnf
provides" operation shows what a large problem this is...

Thanks for the review!

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