--- Comment #2 from Yanis Guenane <> ---
This package was initially created in order to be able to build fluentd[1],
which has it as a dependency.

Per your command and after looking at the TZInfo documentation,

> TZInfo requires a source of timezone data. There are two built-in options:
>    The separate TZInfo::Data library (the tzinfo-data gem). TZInfo::Data 
> contains a set of Ruby modules that are generated from the IANA Time Zone 
> Database.
>    A zoneinfo directory. Most Unix-like systems include a zoneinfo directory 
> containing timezone definitions. These are also generated from the IANA Time 
> Zone Database.
> By default, TZInfo::Data will be used. If TZInfo::Data is not available, then 
> TZInfo will search for a zoneinfo directory instead. 

So I will hold-on this one and see if I can proceed further without the need of
this one. Thank you for pointing it out.


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