--- Comment #22 from Seth Jennings <> ---
Wow, so I've slacked off on this package like crazy!  Apologies.

I'm opening new bugs to track the issues raised, since this bug is closed.

Was able to recreate the selinux issue.  Opened this bug against

FYI, full type enforcement needed is:

module my-login 1.0;

require {
    type local_login_t;
    type udev_var_run_t;
    class file { getattr open read };

#============= local_login_t ==============
allow local_login_t udev_var_run_t:file { getattr open read };

Re: env vars issue, the upstream issue is closed and seems to be address by
1.0.4.  Just need to update the package to that version.  Opening a bug to
track for bodhi purposes:


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