--- Comment #6 from Jun Aruga <> ---
(In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #3)
> Let's talk first about tests, because I think it is the biggest part to deal
> with.
> If I am right, enabling tests will require all "development dependencies"
> you can see at [1]. Many of them are not available in Fedora repositories
> [1]:

I think enabling tests will not require all "development dependencies", as Vit
We do not test about benchmark, coverage, static code analysis (rubocop and
etc). We also do not use Bundler for our test in check section.

We want to test the logic, because there is often our environment specified

We sometimes comment out a test case in the test suite with "sed" command, and
etc, when it needs a development dependency that is not available in Fedora.

There are some tricky but typical techniques to package RPM.

For reference, you can see "sed" command lines in check section.

If you want to see more sample spec files about rubygem-*, for example you can
search by below search query on Google, to find those.

"rubygem-*.git" sed filetype:spec

I think the adding test logic in check section may be a hard process for you,
especially if you are first time to do it. But after you have experienced
several packages, you may be accustomed to do it.

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