--- Comment #2 from Paul Howarth <> ---
(In reply to Petr Pisar from comment #1)
> TODO: I believe the `coreutils' build-time dependency is not needed as the
> spec file does not call "make dist".

It's needed for %{_fixperms} though.

> TODO: Close standard input to the "perl Makefile.PL" command in order not to
> wait for interactive confirmation.

I'll avoid the interactive prompt by setting PERL_CANARY_STABILITY_NOPROMPT=1

> $ rpmlint perl-IO-FDPass.spec ../SRPMS/perl-IO-FDPass-1.1-2.fc26.src.rpm
> ../RPMS/x86_64/perl-IO-FDPass-*
> perl-IO-FDPass.src: W: spelling-error %description -l en_US unix -> UNIX,
> Unix, uni
> perl-IO-FDPass.x86_64: W: spelling-error %description -l en_US unix -> UNIX,
> Unix, uni
> 3 packages and 1 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 2 warnings.
> TODO: Upper-case the "unix" word in the description text.

Will do.

> Resolution: Package APPROVED.

Thanks for the review Petr.

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