--- Comment #4 from Carl George <> ---
The x86_64 build appeared to fail with a transient network error, that one
should be fine to do over.

> + cargo build --release
>     Updating registry ``
> warning: spurious network error (2 tries remaining): [12/-1] Failed to 
> resolve > address for Temporary failure in name resolution

The ppc64{,le} failures are more interesting.  They don't see the cargo package
at all.  I checked the cargo spec file, and turns out it is has ExclusiveArch

> ExclusiveArch:  x86_64 i686 armv7hl aarch64

I'll add the same to my spec file.  The latest cargo build for EPEL7 is only
for x86_64, and the latest cargo build for F24/F25 is only for x86_64, i686,
and armv7hl.  I'll set an appropriate conditional.

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