--- Comment #2 from MartinKG <> ---
Hi Dominika,

(In reply to Dominika Krejčí from comment #1)
> Hi Martin, I have some comments.
> * The last version of barrust/Wikipedia is 1.4.5 and the commit used in
> `Source0` also corresponds with 1.4.5. Why is there 1.4.4 in the `Version`
> tag?

ok update to new version
> * The `Source0` url creates directory with ugly name, it should be named
> `%{srcname}-%{version}.tar.gz`.
> * It is useless to create a %{sum} macro. Just write the content to
> `Summary` and in the rest of the file you can use %{summary} marco. ;)

> * Rather then `python-requests` be more specific and use `python2-requests`,
> wherever it is possible.


New rpm files:
Spec URL:

* Fri Oct 14 2016 Martin Gansser <> - 1.4.5-1
- Update to 1.4.5-1
- Cleanup spec file
- Use Requires python2-requests
- Write the content to Summary and in the rest use %%{summary} marco

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