--- Comment #16 from Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> ---
(In reply to Link Dupont from comment #15)
> Oh yea. I did a review of flyingsaucersattack on 1303349. Looks like there's
> a follow-up for me. I'll track down a couple others.

OK, great.

> I do have my full name in FAS. Is it not showing up?

Doesn't seem to be. There's no "Full name" entry, only "Account name" and
"Email" fields.

zodbot also doesn't show anything:
16:14 <zodbot> User: linkdupont, Name: None, email:, Creation:
2015-01-01, IRC Nick: None, 
               Timezone: None, Locale: None, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
16:14 <zodbot> Approved Groups: fedorabugs cla_done cla_fpca

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