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> Tried running fedora-review on it, but the build failed...
> Package pkgconfig-1:0.29.1-1.fc25.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.
> No matching package to install: 'pkgconfig(sapi)'
> No matching package to install: 'pkgconfig(tcti-device)'
> No matching package to install: 'pkgconfig(tcti-socket)'                    
> Not all dependencies satisfied
> Error: Some packages could not be found.
> Given that it builds in copr, may just be my system. I'll take another look
> here in a bit.

Thanks for your comment, Jared.

This package has to be built upon the other new package: tpm2-tss(Bug 1369708).
Tpm2-tss will generate the required packages(sapi/tcti-device/tcti-socket)
which tpm2-tools need for compiling.

On COPR, I add packages "tpm2-tss" & "tpm2-tss-devel" to minimal buildroot of
tpm2-tools, and wait until tpm2-tss package build completed, so that these 2
*tss* packages are available before start building tpm2-tools.

Haven't run fedora-review locally, not sure how it should work..

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