--- Comment #17 from Dave Love <> ---
(In reply to Antonio Trande from comment #15)
> >SuperLU (and all other supernodal packages) are closer to upstream if they 
> >are 
> > named as they are now.
> I agree. Also, 'repoquery' (or 'dnf') looks be not sensible to capitalized
> names:

Case-insensitive search seems sensible and useful to me.

> repoquery --search SuperLU
>  or 
> repoquery --search superlu
> give same result.
> Ultimately, i vote for SuperLU, SuperLUMT, and SuperLUDIST (like upstream).
> Waiting for Björn opinion.

The author calls it SuperLU_DIST, and I'm Dave Love, not DaveLove.

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