--- Comment #27 from Antonio Trande <> ---
(In reply to Ryan H. Lewis (rhl) from comment #25)
> I believe i've done what you've asked now. The output of rpmlint is below:
> You wrote:
> > - Don't need to execute ldconfig scripts.
> However, this is generating rpmlint errors. I'm not sure if you want me to
> add them back.

'rpmlint' recognizes libs and does not see any 'ldconfig' commands, it's an
error for it but 'ldconfig' does not work with private directories (or at least
this is what i see in manpages), so are false positive for us.

Also, mpi libraries contain rpaths set toward /usr/lib(64)/openmpi(mpich) which
are directories where all MPI libs are shared.

Please, post links to the new SPEC and SRPM files.

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