--- Comment #9 from Miroslav Lichvar <> ---
(In reply to Jason Tibbitts from comment #8)
> Just a note that unless this package contains version 22 of guile, the
> naming guidelines indicate that "guile2.2" is the correct name:
> "
> [...] All other packages derived from it MUST include the base name suffixed
> by either:
> * The package version, which SHOULD include the periods present in the
> original version. 
> [...]
> The idea is to avoid the confusion between version 2.2 and version 22.

Good point.

FWIW, I prefer guile22 to keep the naming consistent with compat-guile18. There
are other packages not using dots and I think it's very unlikely we would have
guile-2.2 and guile-22 packaged in Fedora at the same time.

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