--- Comment #43 from jiri vanek <> ---
> I have not looked into any of the license issues, it would be great if other
> have time to help me.

I did.  Whole fx project should really be GPL2:
Thanx to Mario for pointing out

On other side, it claims to have same license as openjdk;

That is a bit contradiction, so maybe I have bad license in jdk package.

Your statement of:
License:        GPL v2 with exceptions and BSD and LGPL v2+ and (LGPL v2+ or
seems to be reflecting major of what review tool is saying. Hoowever I would go
with simple GPL-2 with Classpath exception (/me  a bit afraid of BSD in license

The incorrect-fsf-address is actually patch for upstream, so we do not need to
bother with it rigt now.

I will try to find some lawyer around, but with "GPL-2 with Classpath
exception" I think we are ok to go.

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