--- Comment #5 from Julien Nicoulaud <> ---
I could test the package and see no issue with it.

Especially, I appreciate:
 - Clean management for multiple cells, which is not the case in other SGE RPMs
I have seen
 - A symlink is provided, some other RPM packaging only provide, which breaks the JGDI API as the Java code explicitly looks
for Please keep it that way.

Some small details:
 - in /etc/profile.d/sge.*, is it possible to export SGE_QMASTER_PORT as well ?
This is needed by tools that interface with SGE via its API.
 - Some stuff is named "sge" (eg: service files, profile.d files), some
"gridengine" (eg: root dir, spool dir, lib dir, sysconfig). Maybe it would be
more consistent to just name everything "sge" (since environment variables
start with SGE_ anyway).

About the naming, maybe this package could have been named "soge" to avoid any
sort of confusion. But since SoGE is the only remaining alive open source fork
of SGE, "sge" is also fine.

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