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alternate sge-rpath.patch that more fully fixes library path problem

I was not able to run the inst_sge configuration after installing this rpm. The
problem was that sge-rpath.patch is incomplete fix to its problem. The error I
get is

./utilbin/lx-amd64/spooldefaults: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and ldd spooldefaults confirms that it is not linked properly to let it find

This is related to which is marked
as closed with a more complete patch, but the patch even though committed
earlier somehow is not included in the 8.1.9 tarball.

It could be because that patch has a bug, which I have now mentioned in a
comment there.

If I replace sge-rpath.patch in the src rpm with the changeset from that bug
report without the buggy section, I am able to install and run it. I am
attaching the sge-rpath.patch file that I used.

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