--- Comment #3 from Robert-André Mauchin <> ---
Sorry but if you do a snapshot, you must include the date with the git
revision, as I pointed out in my previous comment:

>That field must at minimum consist of the date in eight-digit "YYYYMMDD" 
>format. >The packager MAY include up to 17 characters of additional 
>information after the >date. The following formats are suggested:
>    YYYYMMDD.<revision>
>    YYYYMMDD<scm><revision> 
>Where <scm> is a short string identifying the source code control system 
>upstream uses (e.g. "git", "svn", "hg") or the string "snap". <revision> is 
>either a short git commit hash, a subversion revision number, or something 
>else useful in identifying the precise revision in upstream's source code 
>control system. Obviously if CVS is used, no such revision information exists, 
>so it would be omitted, but otherwise it SHOULD be included.

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