--- Comment #24 from Athos Ribeiro <> ---
Thanks for the hard work packaging this, it is not a simple package at all :)

(In reply to Fabio Valentini from comment #15)
> Additionally, I have included a systemd preset file to *not* enable the
> syncthing user service for all users at installation, matching the default
> system preset present on fedora (which is missing for user services).

Have you thought about pinging systemd packagers about this?

(In reply to Fabio Valentini from comment #17)
> - 3 x E: hardcoded-library-path in */usr/lib/systemd/user-preset
> I can't fix this, because systemd's RPM macros don't provide a
> %{_userpresetdir} analog to %{_presetdir}.

Have you thought about pinging systemd upstream about this as well?

- RPM lint throws the following errors:
  syncthing-debuginfo.x86_64: E: useless-provides debuginfo(build-id)
  syncthing.src:337: E: hardcoded-library-path in
  syncthing.src:338: E: hardcoded-library-path in
  syncthing.src:503: E: hardcoded-library-path in

Which are all explained in the comments above. You could probably use
%{_prefix} for the path to silence rpmlint, but I believe this macro could be
included in systemd macros in the future.

- /usr/lib/systemd/user-preset dir has no owner, although it belongs to the
fedora-release package (I have no idea on why fedora-review triggered this)

The package looks good! Before approving, I need to check if shipping the gui
resources in the binary file is ok:

The binary file has the gui/default/vendor projects embedded in it, which

 - angular 1.2.9
 - angular-translate
 - angular-translate-loader-static-files 2.11.0
 - angular-dirPagination 759009c

You will probably need to provide the bundled projects though. I checked
copr-frontend as an example for that, and it does provide

bundled(bootstrap) = 3.3.4
bundled(bootstrap-combobox) = 1.1.6
bundled(bootstrap-select) = 1.5.4
bundled(bootstrap-treeview) = 1.0.1
bundled(font-awesome) = 1.0.1
bundled(jquery) = 1.11.3
bundled(jquery-ui) = 1.11.4

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