--- Comment #4 from Wart <> ---
Many thanks for the review.  It's been a few years since I last submitted a
package, and it seems there have been some tweaks in the guidelines since then.

(In reply to Robert-André Mauchin from comment #3)
> Hello,
> A few thing:
>  - I don't understand why you define:
> %global commit0 1009914f0683f1c7fe9f94ed2cbe895008c5e6d1
> %global gittag0 v1.3
> %global shortcommit0 %(c=%{commit0}; echo ${c:0:7})

It was unnecessary clutter from the git source guidelines.  I've removed these.

>   - You can drop the 'tcl' in both BuildRequires and Requires as the others
> dependencies already depends on it.
>  - The BR "tcl-devel" could be required with pkgconfig: pkgconfig(tcl)

Technically, this would work, but to be pedantic, the package doesn't actually
use the pkgconfig file from tcl-devel to build, it uses  I'd like
to keep the BR as 'tcl-devel' to preserve that distinction.

>  - You have a Rpmlint error:
> tcl-tclnagios.noarch: E: explicit-lib-dependency tcllib
>  You shouldn't require directly the dependency to tcllib, it's automatically
> handled by dnf.

In this case, it's not.  tcllib is a script library, not a shared library, so
the automatic dependency generation doesn't find it (I verified this behavior
in a scratch build).  rpmlint is just confused because of the string 'lib' in
the name 'tcllib'.

All of the other issues noted have been fixed.

Here is the revised spec/srpm:

Scratch build:

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