--- Comment #31 from Paulo Andrade <> 
Links are confusing.
file is very outdated.
The actual srpm is

Spec from link differs from spec in srpm. Changelog is missing
from -5 to -13 in the srpm. From the link jumps to -4 to -13.

Tested downloading the src.rpm and running:
$ fedora-review -r -n gdeploy

I suggest you to install the fedora-review package, and test
yourself running:
$ fedora-review -b 1344276

This way you can see most if not all details a reviewer will
talk about :)

* Please update the bug report with matching SRPM URL and SPEC URL.
  Also make sure src.rpm spec matches spec in SPEC url.

* License does not match. There are several GPLv3+ licensed files
  in the tarball.
  Apparently, should use "License: GPLv2+ and GPLv3+"
  File gdeployrest/ is GPLv3+ with incorrect FSF address.

* Documentation should be built with sphinx. Not install sources, e.g.
  in build have:
  pushd doc
    make html

* Documentation should be in a separate -doc package. It is already
  large in source format, and will be larger in html format.

* Upstream source is not available:
  Latest from github is 2.0.1.

* Please either add a %check section and run the script in the tests
  directory, or give a good reason for not to. Usually, just loading
  the python files is enough to detect issues on other architectures,
  or other "random" issues.

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