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--- Comment #37 from Honggang LI <> ---
(In reply to Kevin Fenzi from comment #33)
> So, the problem is actually that the old libibverbs package had no
> dependency on perl, but this new one (subpackage of rdma-core) does. This
> results in the rawhide composes failing because lorax prunes out perl and
> then the /usr/bin/rxe_cfg script has no perl and errors out. 
> So, very short term I have just untagged rdma-core again, so we can
> hopefully get a rawhide compose today or this weekend. 

Hi, Kevin
 Fedora-rawhide lorax addressed the perl package issue, and we had rebuilt
rdma-core with all known issues got fixed. I checked my fedora-rawhide virtual
machine, only old rdma package available.

 What we need to do to replace the old rdma package with the new rdma-core

> Slightly longer term, we have put in a PR to make lorax not prune perl: 
> once thats merged and in a
> rawhide lorax build we can retag or rebuild rdma-core
> Longer term still, it would sure be nice if we didn't have to have perl on
> minimal images. I don't know how important rxe_cfg is or if it could be
> re-written to work with system-python or as a binary, but that would sure be
> nice 
> to drop the dep on perl here.

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