--- Comment #5 from Richard W.M. Jones <> ---
I believe you can change the ocamlbuild command line to add

  ocamlbuild ... -tag debug


You'll also want to check what actual ocamlopt commands are being
executed to ensure that -g is passed to them all.

To check that debuginfo is being generated at all, look at the
*.o files.  For example:

  echo 'print_endline "hello world"' >
  ocamlopt.opt -g
  eu-readelf --debug-dump=info test.o

You should see entries such as ‘name’, ‘comp_dir’.

However if -g has been omitted then eu-readelf will give an error:

  eu-readelf: cannot get debug context descriptor: No DWARF information found

You can also run the same commands on executables.

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