--- Comment #10 from Michael Schwendt <> ---
> Static libs moved to separate -static package. -devel depends on it.

That is not what the guidelines suggest. Just think about it a bit. Such a
dependency defeats the purpose of moving the static libs into a _separate_

> Added --disable-rpath to %configure anyway.

That's a no-op, if the configure script doesn't support that option [yet]:

| configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-rpath

> %files
> ...
> %{_datadir}/ucx
> %exclude %{_datadir}/ucx/examples
> %{_datadir}/ucx/perftest

The first line in the quote above includes the complete %_datadir/ucx/ tree
already minus the excluded directory. Hence the last line is superfluous.

> Just want to have issues in spec fixed before creating actual release.
> Can we ignore this one for a while?

You only need to keep in mind that replacing the source tarball with another
release could be a rather disruptive step during review.

Btw, the build.log contains several warnings about libraries and tools
(doxygen!) it cannot find.

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